spiritual dimensions

Shamanic Healing

Going to the jungle for a spiritual experience is quite intense, and sometimes it can be a little overwhelming. You have to deal with a lot: different climate and culture, mosquitos, not to mention what is going on inside yourself!!! This is why a group experience can really help, especially if this is your first time navigating these oceans: everything is less daunting when it’s shared, and the presence of a group leader who knows well the environment, the shamans and the medicine is reassuring if there are difficult moments.

In our workshops we offer you assistance and translation 24/7 , one to one healing, and powerful ceremonies. Oh, yes, and a lot of fun too!

All our group leaders have a deep connection with Javier , the centre and the medicine; in most cases they are healers themselves or they are apprenticing with Javier . Each one of them has his or her own unique style and approach, but the general guideline is the same for every workshop. We want to offer an unintrusive yet solid presence that doesn't want to alter the teachings and the healing offered by the shamans but simply act as a connection and problem solver in practical issues as well as helping the shamans in helping you.

Here below are the available dates for our next group workshops. Please contact the group leader directly at the email address provided for costs and more details. And please keep on checking this page for new dates!