spiritual dimensions

Shamanic Healing

Javier Arevalo Shahuano

Javier Arevalo Shahuano, was born in the community of Nuevo Progreso, Rio Napo, in the department of Loreto, Peru. The last of a family with four generations of shamans, the Shahuano, in his teens he realised that shamanism was his future. At 20, after his father's death, he started his apprenticeship. He spent two years in the virgin rain forest, without any contact with the outside world, taking as a teacher his Grandfather, Antonio Shahuano. From him, he learnt the healing properties of plants. For the whole length of his training in shamanism he had to follow a very strict diet. He could not eat spicy foods, sugar and salt, nor fried food, only what the forest offered. These, and good intentions, are the basic requisites to become a plant doctor (shaman). In Javier's own words:"During my study in the forest, the spirits of plants and animals made me realise that shamanism was to spread out the message of Nature to live with joy, and to do good by curing diseases using our traditional plant medicine." You can read details about Javier's work in the book 'Plant, Spirit and Shamanism', by Ross Heaven and Howard Charing, and his ceremonies have been mentioned in a number of other books by Ross Heaven: 'The Journey to You', 'Spirit in the City','The Hummingbird's Journey to God', as well as in the book 'Aya: A Shamanic Odyssey' by Rak Razam.

Jessica Ramirez Seopa

Jessica is Javier's partner and after a long and hard training, has recently reached the stage of complete shaman in her own right. She brings feminine energy to the ceremonies and beautifully accompanies Javier in the singing of the 'icaros'

The Shipibas

At Spiritual Dimensions we value and promote the wisdom of our ancient tribes and we treasure their customs and artefacts. We therefore sometimes invite some Shipibo friends to bring to our ceremonies their original high pitched traditional icaros. They will also pamper you with plant baths and massages and they will delight you with their beautiful embroidered textiles which represent the very same icaros they sing.

The Boras

The Bora tribe is our 'neighbour', and has always visited the centre bringing their dances, their typical food and artefacts to our guests, but this year they have decided to share with our participants their ancestral art secrets. They will take you to the jungle to collect the bark from a particular tree and they will show you the whole process that transforms it in a strong white piece of canvas. Then they will collect fruits and grass that they use as natural colours and they will invite you to make your own one hundred per cent natural painting!!! then the ladies of the tribe will show you how to make your own necklaces, masks, bracelets by using vines and coloured seeds. It's fun and in total synergy with nature!!

The Centre

The Centre, which is still developing, has been fully operational since September 2011. Spiritual Dimensions is situated a half hour boat ride from Iquitos to a well-known village on the Rio Nanay called "Padre Cocha". From there, the centre is a half hour walk, and what was originally a footpath has been transformed into a road, enabling the motorcars to take you (and your luggage) right inside the centre. Unless you feel like walking there, of course!!!


We have now nine beautiful independent 'tambos' (5m by 4m), all with two beds (except one with three beds) all with private bathroom, mosquito net and a storage cabinet and table.


This is a view of one of the 'tambos' from the outside. As you can see they are fully independent, giving you the option to spend time by yourself and in full connection with Nature, if you desire so.


All the meals are prepared in our large kitchen, and we have a large, airy lounge for eating, alfresco chatting, relaxing, hunging your hummack and simply listening to the Rainforest music!

The creek

In the hot hours, it is nice to sit down by the creek or swim in it to refresh a little. Moving water has a very powerful effect on the Ayahuasca ceremonies because the element of Water is in deep sinergy with the Vine, so we thought that having this little creek was a double blessing!


We are very proud to announce that we now have two large showers. The jungle life is all well, but it's nice to have the choice between bathing in the river or going back to the little western things we find so difficult to give up!

Our 'malloca' cerimonial

The energies are connected, the concentration enhanced. Screened by mosquito nets, equipped with mattresses, blankets and bathrooms, it is a safe and comfortable environment where you can live your ayahuasca experience in total peace and comfort.


Our big, new malloca has covered passageways and toilets, and it is used during the day to study and learn, or simply to meditate and reflect