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Shamanic Healing

The best way to experience Ayahuasca is to detach a little from the buzz of the city and have plenty of time to reflect in Nature on the Teachings we receive from the Plants. It is also very important to follow a proper diet.

At Spiritual Dimensions we offer 10 days workshops as a general rule, but if anybody is interested in longer stays or an apprentiship program, please contact us and we can discuss availability and costs.

At the moment we can accomodate up to 23 people in the centre. We have now nine comfortable and independent tambos of 5 meters by four, ten with two beds, one with three beds, all with private toilet, storage, tables and chairs. However, the centre is in continuous expansion, so we will possibly have more room in the near future!

All the meals are prepared in our large kitchen, we have an airy mosquito net screened lounge with hummacks, mattresses and cushions. Our beautiful big malloca ceremonial has been built according to the ancestral way of the Bora tribe, which lives not far from the centre and visits the groups staying at the centre to show their customs and beautiful artefacts.

There is also a beautiful creek for swimming, refreshing and relaxing.

Here below is the detailed program for the workshops.

The cost includes all expenses from the day we collect you from Iquitos airport until the final tour of Iquitos on the last day. Everybody has different needs, and the price may vary if you need a translator into Spanish, so please contact us with your request and we'll give you our best offer. Extended stays are also possible, so please contact us for that.

Our payment/refund policy:

At the moment of booking we require 50% of the fee to be sent in advance. The remaining half is to be paid upon arrival. Please note that we cannot refund the payment if you decide to shorten your stay at the centre after the booking is confirmed and paid for. (Emergencies are of course considered)


Please note that the workshop dates are indicative only. The centre is always open, and you are welcome any time, just email us with your requested dates. However, we try and and advertise at least one date a month in order to try and create a homogeneous group.

The next workshop will take place on the 1-10th October.

Please make your booking through the Contact us page.

We'll be happy to accomodate requests for extended stays or later bookings as well.

Thank you!

We also offer the option to have a group workshop. Group workshops differ from the general workshops in the fact that they are organised and guided by a group leader. All the participants start and finish together, and although the program is very similar to the one of our general workshops, there are sharing and leisure activities that are specifically tailored to the group. A group workshop is ideal for the ones who experience ayahuasca for the first time, or for the ones who are a little apprehensive and would greatly benefit from the group energy and from the presence of a group leader who has extensive experience with the environment, the different culture and the medicine itself. Group experiences are very bonding too, and you generally establish relationships that are very deep and meaningful .

Please refer to our page 'group workshops' for the next available dates.

Please note: You can write to us in English OR Spanish!!!

 Workshop Program

Day 1 We will collect you from Iquitos airport and transport you to Spiritual Dimensions.

Welcome dinner

Day 2 Morning

Breakfast, explanation of the various medicinal plants (chiri sanango, ajos sacha, guayusa , bobinsana, chacruna, ayahuasca). Preparation for the evening ayahuasca ceremony (questions and troubles)


Afternoon free to relax or swim in the pond

8 pm: meeting in the casa ceremonial for the first ayahuasca ceremony.

Day 3 Morning

Breakfast, discussion about the first ayahuasca experience (explanation of visions)

baños de flores (flower bath)



Demonstration of the preparation of ayahuasca


Day 4 Morning

Breakfast, baño de vapor (steam bath), teaching of the icaros


Afternoon free to rest for the second ayahuasca ceremony

8 pm: second ayahuasca ceremony in the casa ceremonial

Day 5 Morning

Breakfast, consult with the shaman, plant collection for the second baño de flores, plant preparation.



Walk in the forest to know the plants, baño de flores (flowerbath)


Day 6 Morning:

Breakfast, teaching of icaros and preparation of the shacapa

Baño de flores


Afternoon free to rest in preparation for the third ayahuasca ceremony

8pm: third ayahuasca ceremony in the casa ceremonial

Day 7 Morning:

Breakfast, tour to the indigenous tribes Boras and Yaguas.



Meeting in the malloca ceremonial for consultation with the shaman.

Teaching lesson about plants with the shaman


Day 8 Morning:

Breakfast, drinking of medicinal plants. (This is optional, as the plants need to be drunk on empty stomach, so if you have had breakfast you will not be able to drink the plant).


Afternoon free to rest for the fourth ayahuasca ceremony.

8 pm: meeting in the maloca for the fourth ayahuasca ceremony.

Day 9 Morning:

Breakfast, discussion on the ayahuasca ceremony

Medicinal plants medicaments preparation



Teaching of icaros and medicinal plants.

8 pm: fifth ayahuasca ceremony in the casa ceremonial

Day 10 Morning:

Breakfast, tranport to iquitos , tour in iquitos (Pasaje Paquito, Belem Market, La Casa de Fierro, etc). In the evening optional choice of conversation with the shaman about diet or plants, or free to tour in town or be on your own.

Aftercare and Integration in London, UK

This is a service that is specifically directed towards those who have attended ceremonies and feel they need assistance processing and integrating their experiences.

It is a safe, confidential therapeutic space where visions and feelings can be explored, worked through and integrated.

Returning to daily life after such profound experiences can be challenging.

Alex Koren is an apprentice of Don Javier and is also an Integrative Psychotherapist with private practice in Central London.

She offers an aftercare service for those who have attended, are planning to attend or regularly attend ceremonies. For more information on how she works and the tools she uses, visit her website: www.alexkoren.co.uk

Alex works in English, Spanish and Norwegian.